Star clusters megaclusters

The Star Clusters Megaclusters casino game has a very simple theme and a lot of gameplay, but that does not mean that it is not worth trying. This slot machine has five reels and no paylines, so the winning combination must consist of five of the same symbols. It also has a Gold Wild, which can award multipliers for a steady stream of wins. As a result, this slot machine is very popular with online gamers.

The symbols in this game are not aligned with the theme, but are all precious gemstones. The highest paying symbol is the purple, square gem. If you’re lucky enough to land two of these symbols, they will turn into two wild symbols, a gold star and rainbow coloured star. When this happens, you’ll win a random amount of money. During the bonus mode, you can win even more cash.

The symbols in this slot are quite bright and bold, and they make it easy to tell whether or not you’ve matched enough gems. You can easily track them, even on mobile devices. During the free spins, the Megaclusters symbols are replaced by four other smaller ones, which makes the game even more fun! There are several bonus features in the Star Clusters Megaclusters casino game.