Reel keeper

Reel Keeper slot game has a Game of Thrones feel to it. The graphics in this game are excellent, and you can play it across multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This slot also has a progressive jackpot and is available on a variety of platforms. There is also a bonus round for players who win two or more golden dragon eggs. Reel keeper is designed to appeal to both beginners and experts.

The game also offers three different jackpots, each with their own payout amounts. The highest jackpot is worth around $200,000 and is awarded when 3 or more of the same type of jackpot symbols appear on any reel. The lowest payout is 200 coins, and the highest is 3,000 coins. There is no way to predict the winner of this jackpot, but you can try your luck by playing Reel keeper for free.

Reel keeper casino game features 3 different jackpots. If you hit three or more jackpot symbols on the reels, the Jackpot Wheel feature will activate. This feature will determine the jackpot winner, and you can also adjust the frequency of autoplay. You can also set a limit to your losses. The maximum number of consecutive spins you wish to make in a row is determined by how much you want to bet.

One bonus feature of Reel Keeper is that it offers three different jackpots. The first jackpot is a small amount, while the second is the largest. The first jackpot will increase as you play, and will be awarded if you hit 3 or more jackpot symbols. The third jackpot is a daily or hourly prize. Using the autoplay option can be very convenient if you are in a hurry.

Reel keeper is a simple slot machine game that has three jackpots. If you happen to land 3 or more jackpot symbols on the reels, you can play the game automatically by hitting the turbo button. In addition to this, there is also a special feature called the Jackpot Wheel that is triggered by winning a jackpot symbol on the reels. You can set the frequency, maximum win, and loss limits with the autoplay mode.

Players can also use a turbo button to speed up the gameplay. The Turbo button will make the reels spin faster, and the autoplay feature will stop the game automatically after a certain amount of win/loss or a bonus feature is activated. The other special features of Reel Keeper include a gamble game and three jackpots. You can also use the autoplay mode to change the settings of the reels.