Jackpot 3×3

In addition to the Jackpot 3×3 casino game, Jackpot Capital Casino is also launching the Legend of Helios slot game, featuring Multiplying Wilds, Mystery Stacks and Bonus Wheel. This game is dedicated to the Greek god of the sun. As a special bonus, active players of the casino are eligible to receive 3×3 free spins on the new game, which will be launched in October. This promotion is available only to active members. As a bonus, players can also claim 50 free spins when making a first deposit.

A casino can increase its welcome bonus offer after a jackpot has been hit, if it is verified. Although the jackpot isn’t guaranteed, the chances of winning are identical among all games. However, you shouldn’t expect to win the million-dollar progressive prize on your first visit to a Jackpot Casino. If you do, consider playing the game at a different site. While it’s nice to enjoy the huge progressive jackpots, you might get disappointed when you don’t win a single penny.

If you’ve won the jackpot, the next step is to verify that the jackpot is indeed real. It’s impossible to be sure of the outcome of a jackpot, and sometimes the verification process may take several hours. In the meantime, you’ll get to enjoy the game, while the Jackpot team secures the machine so that it won’t be disrupted. After the verification process, the slot supervisor will collect information about the winning guest and notify them of the win.