Immortal guild

When playing the Immortal Guild casino game, you will discover a vibrant forest territory. The graphics in this game are animated and cartoonish, with an immortal face sitting at the base of a colossal tree. The glowing leaves of the tree are also part of the game’s theme. There are three premium symbols in this slot game, each of which has a unique significance. For instance, when three Mage symbols appear in a row, they will collapse into one Mage symbol with a 3x multiplier. When these collapsed symbols drop, new ones will drop into place, making for a winning combination.

This casino game comes with a bonus feature that will award the player 7 free spins when three scatter symbols appear. Each scatter symbol lands on the screen will award the player one additional free spin. During these free spins, you will see the introduction of a Lion Emblem symbol. This new symbol will serve as a wild and cascade downwards on the reels. This wild will help you win big prizes, as it will replace all other symbols on the reels except the scatter.

Immortal Guild offers a unique and rewarding gaming experience. There are many features that make it a great casino game, including the ability to set limits on your wins and losses. The new feature, called Immortal Guild’s Free Spins, also comes with a multiplier system. The multiplier will increase the multiplier of your winnings by one for every two scatter symbols. The bonus feature is also available on mobile devices.